Meet Jim Nixon


We thought you would like to know a little more about West Coast Ventures Group Corp., CEO Jim Nixon.Our interview with Jim covered areas you would expect from a CEO in the restaurant business, but we also went a bit deeper to share with you what Jim is all about as a person.

1.    Tell us about your family’s history in the restaurant business.
My family has been in the business for 4 generations, starting with my great grandfather back in Chicago, New York and New Jersey to where it is today. None of the restaurants were handed down, everyone just created their own. 

2.    What is your favorite memory from your childhood working or spending time at the restaurant?
I think the thing that stands out the most is the restaurant being a gathering place for family and friends, where everyone came together and celebrated. I felt like it was a place where you could be happy no-matter what was going on in the world.

3.    What is your most memorable experience as a restaurant owner?
For me, it was the ability to create a restaurant and culture from scratch and be apart of the growth, seeing the joy on employees and customers faces from all the hard work the team put together to achieve success.

4.    What was the greatest challenge you had to overcome in your restaurant experience?
 The challenges come everyday. It’s how we handle them that sets us apart from status quo restaurants and creates extraordinary restaurants. We take advantage of these challenges by viewing them as opportunities and that is what produces success.

5.    What is your vision for the growth of WCVC the company? 
My vision consists of two components. The first is to utilize it to grow the Illegal Burger Brand to a national brand. The second is to acquire restaurant brands with great potential and build them into successful franchises. In both areas my goal is to build value for all involved including investors, employees and customers.

6.    What is the best piece of advice or wisdom given to you by one of your employees or a customer or both?
 Being in this industry you get many pieces of wisdom and/or advice. The best is from the customers who can see from the outside looking in. We take that advise and process it to achieve better results(customer service, atmosphere, quality of food and service). From employees we get feedback that we utilize to create a better culture which leads to a more positive working environment.

7.    What are your most significant accomplishments from your restaurant career?
This answer will be generalized as there are many in this industry that could be called significant. But being in this industry at an early age has given me the tools to lead and motivate and adapt to the ever-changing landscape. The opportunity to take four walls and turn it into a place of family, friends, food and fun and make money while doing it, qualifies in my mind as a great accomplishment. Building teams and creating a culture that stands the test of time and adversity while making sure that every employee has the proper tools to contribute to our success which includes profitability. 

8.    Do you have any hobbies or other pursuits that interest you?
When not working I enjoy spending time with my family. I have a great support system so the daily challenges seem to melt away when I get home to them. I also enjoy working out to stay in top shape and riding my Harley.

9.    What is your favorite food, and do you serve it at any of your current restaurants?
My favorite foods are Mexican and Italian. We serve Mexican food at our Señor Sol location.

10.    If you could open a new restaurant anywhere in the world what country would you open in and what kind of food would you serve? 
My choice would be Italy. I would get shipping containers, put them together and create a multi concept brand that would be more of an outside restaurant

11.    What advice would you give someone opening a restaurant? 
First,make sure you have enough money.  Second, know your product. Third,plan ahead.Fourth, find great people. Fifth, stay focused. Sixth, have passion above all. 
Make sure you love this business, it’s very hard work, you have to love it to be successful, also have passion for the company and great culture. Remember anyone can copy another restaurant concept, but passion and culture are what set you apart. 

We asked Jim if he had any other comments and here is what he told us.
At the end of the day we cork to create an enjoyable establishment that people can go to in order to reduce their everyday stress. We want to put a smile on their faces and enough food and beverages in their bellies to keep them happy. CHEERS!
We would like to thank Jim Nixon for taking the time answer our questions. Remember that if you have a question for Jim Nixon please let us know and we ask him to answer your question.
Thank you for reading and bon appetite!
The WCVC Team

David Raday