2018 104.3 The Fan Burger Battle


Illegal Burger’s The 104.3 The Fan Burger Battle pitted three of the radio station’s top hosts, all former Denver Bronco players, in a contest to see who could create the best tasting burger. Fans came into the restaurants and tried the burger creations and voted online to see which former player created the best burger. Participants included former Offensive Lineman Mark Schlereth and former Wide Receivers, Mike Pritchard and Brandon Stokley. Diehard football fans know that offensive lineman can weigh in at close to twice the weight of a smaller wide receiver. Mark Schlereth pointed this out in the youtube video he made promoting his burger at the beginning of the battle.

In that same video that received over 31,000 views, which Mark Schlereth, posted on his Twitter feed https://twitter.com/StinkAndEvans/status/1016276890825289731, he stated that a former Offensive Lineman versus two former wide receivers in a burger battle would be no contest.  There’s nothing like a little trash talking to get a competition under way, right? Especially when it’s a burger battle!

The three burgers in the contest were as follows:

Mike Pritchard- The First Rounder

Here’s what Mike Pritchard tweeted about The First Rounder:

“You gotta try the First Rounder!! Cheese melted inside the patty. Tomato, power greens like avocado, spinach and all topped with Truffle Aioli sauce. It’s insane with the Truffle fries.”


Brandon Stokley- The Stokley

Brandon Stokley tweeted:

“Those guys don’t stand a chance.” And “enjoyed it. @Illegalburger is really a great place to hang out relax and have some great food. Make sure to vote. I can’t lose to two old guys.”



Mark Schlereth- The Baked Alaskan


If you watch the video by Mark Schlereth you will see his list of ingredients. But we could not resist listing them here. Disclaimer: Read this list at your own risk. We cannot be responsible for drool damage to your personal belongings including but not limited to important papers.

·       Lettuce

·       Tomato

·       Onion

·       Fresh Jalapenos

·       Hickory Smoked Ham

·       Chipotle Mayo

·       Pepper Jack Cheese


In the end the contest was won by Mark Schlereth. But at WCVC, we think that everyone who dined and voted was and is a winner.  And if you have not tried this amazing burger yet there is still time to get to an Illegal Burger location near you.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest and enjoyed our burgers at Illegal Burger where the burgers are so good they gotta be illegal!  

Thank you for reading and bon appetite!

The WCVC Team

David Raday