Illegal Burger Vegan Burger Voted Top Ten Vegan Burger


Illegal Burger’s Vegan Burger was recently voted a Top Ten Vegan Burger in Denver. The ranking came in a story that appeared on June 25, 2018 in Westword. (

According to the Westword article many restaurants just throw a vegan burger on their menu that is just not very good. It is there so they can say they have a vegan burger. But vegans like a good burger just as much as everyone else. So, it important that chefs are serious about making a good vegan burger and are willing to put in the effort and culinary creativity that it requires. This article celebrated the fact that there are restaurants in the Denver area who are getting it right when it comes to creating a great vegan burger. The author points out that all of the vegan burgers that made the list are also dairy free.

And at Illegal Burger, we are proud that our vegan burger made the top ten list. We could paraphrase what the article said about our vegan burger but why mess with perfection. So here it is word for word.

“The Illegal Burger menu is filled with all-natural ingredients, and each location of the small Colorado chain is decked out with sustainable decor. The house vegan burger is a protein-packed black bean patty topped with creamy avocado, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, tomato and red onions served on a whole wheat bun. Finish it off with fresh jalapeños, pineapple, grilled onions or peppers and barbecue sauce for a zingy and satisfying meal.”

Illegal Burger’s Top Ten Vegan Burger

So, whatever your food preferences, if you are hungry for a good burger, we’ve got you covered. And just like our whole burger lineup, our vegan burgers are so good they gotta be illegal!  

Thank you for reading and bon appetite!

The WCVC Team

David Raday