Our Approach to Working with Investors

Transparency is important to us. Our valuable shareholders are the lifeblood of our organization, and we work hard to keep them involved and in the know on up to the minute news, challenges, and progress.


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Our Plan for Growth

Our growth strategy consists of the following components:

1. Organically expand our existing restaurant holdings with a focus on growing revenue and profit. What that looks like is investing $500,000 each quarter to open 3 new locations per quarter. This will add $800,000 to $1,000,000 revenue annually per new location for a total increase of $4,800,000 to $6,000,000 in annual revenue added to existing $3,000,000 annual revenue, so that at the end of six months we are on a $9,000,000 annual revenue run rate after adding the 6 new locations.

2. We have begun the process of setting up our franchising system with the goal of actively selling franchises within six months.

3. Find underdeveloped and under-valued restaurant properties and apply our successful growth model to their businesses.

4. Innovate and develop bold new dining concepts

Executing Our Plan

We have proven our concept and are well into scaling it. However, achieving exponential growth in both revenue and profit will require the following:

1. Long Term Partners

It takes time, a lot of hard work and financial resources to successfully execute a solid plan. For that reason, and others, we are seeking long term investors who seek a return on their investment but who are also committed to the power for good in each restaurant property.


2. Capital for Expansion and Potential Acquisitions

An important part of our growth strategy is acquisition of viable restaurant properties. And while we know that there are a variety of sources of financial leverage available we anticipate requiring cash for at least some percentage of the acquisition price as well as for physical improvements that may be required post purchase.

3. Other Uses for Cash

While most ongoing improvements will be funded out of existing revenues we find it prudent to have enough working capital to meet unexpected major expenses.


Maximizing Shareholder Value

We are committed to maximizing shareholder value and our growth strategy is designed to do exactly that. We expect that our success in the restaurant business and our ability to profitably expand our markets and locations when combined with our entry into the franchising market will translate into significant ROI for our shareholders.


We invite you to share our vision and join us in growing the value of West Coast Ventures Group Corp.