Welcome to the WCVC Blog

Welcome to the West Coast Ventures Group Corp blog. We are glad you are here. We invite you to join us in exploring the world of WCVC and our restaurant holdings. Get ready to have the thyme of your life.
Here is the menu from which we will be serving up in each new issue:

  • News from our markets and our competitors including Merger and Acquisition activity. We will talk about what it is and what it might mean for our company and our investors.
  • Trends. Some trends are meant to last, and some are just meant to bring a smile to our faces as we remember what used to be, like bell bottom pants. We’ll be looking out for trends in the restaurant business and reflecting on how we might capitalize on them or just say no.
  • Things that make you say hmm. Every once in a while, we hear about something that just does not seem possible or make any sense at all. We will be sharing these with you, so we can have a laugh or share an eye roll together. Deep fried Twinkies, anyone?
  • Musings from the kitchen, otherwise known as the WCVGC team. We have an amazing team and if you are an investor you are on our team. 
  • Comments and questions from our readers. Go ahead and ask us a question, let us know what you are stewing about, tell us what you would like to read about or tell us how to make this blog better.
  • Our first real blog is just around the corner so feel free to leave your email address here, so we can get you on our mailing list. Be among the first to know what we are cooking up next. We can’t tell you what its about but if you know the term, “chief cook and bottle washer” you won’t want to miss it!